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What Are Education Innovation Clusters, and What Were They Up To in 2017?

2017 spurred new projects on research, equity, and more

Ten Skills Teachers Need to Support English Learners

Develop interdisciplinary awareness in English learner students through micro-credentials

Contextualized Learning Resources for Adult Learners

Discover a set of free digital resources developed by KET and PBS Learning Media

Introducing the Maker Learning Leadership Framework

Resources to help schools create sustainable maker learning programs

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Karen Cator interviews her mentor, Dr. Linda Roberts, as part of StoryCorps’ Great Thanksgiving Listen

Maximizing the Momentum of Micro-credentials

New insights and pressing questions on micro-credential implementation

A More Interoperable Future

League district leaders attend the Ed-Fi Summit

Coaching and Mentoring with Technology

How a technology platform can provide a more flexible, data-driven model for mentoring and coaching

Celebrating Maker Learning with the Edcamp Foundation

Announcing new partnership with Edcamp Foundation to bring making opportunities to educators

This is What Powerful Learning Looks Like: Students Share Their Stories

Highlights from our student panel at the 2017 EdSurge Fusion conference

The Art and Science of Learning: How New Mexico School for the Arts Uses Research

How NMSA faculty leverage the science of learning to support students

Improving learning with the power of technology

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