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Transforming Classrooms with Deeper Learning

Deeper Learning provides new approaches to engaging students

Micro-credentials: A Promising Way to Put Educators’ Skills Front and Center

Dr. Brent Maddin reflects on designing authentic micro-credentials

7 Lessons Learned From Implementing Micro-credentials

Micro-credentials provide a way for educators to receive recognition

Earn Your Micro-credentials in Four Steps

Select, Collect, Submit, and Share to earn your Micro-credential

Micro-credentials: Competency-based Recognition for Educators

Educators across the country want professional development that helps them develop the skills they need to…

Making Professional Learning Count

Competency-based recognition for educators

Three Ways to Help Teachers Use Research

Create a “culture of data” to improve research use district-wide

Digging into Deeper Learning

Explore 40 micro-credentials created by Digital Promise

Designing a System to Support Continuous Learning

Explore some big ideas from the 2015 #MC4PD Summit

What Do Teachers Want from Their Professional Development?

Educators provide perspectives on driving their own learning

Building an Authentic Culture of Professional Learning

Explore some big ideas from the 2015 #MC4PD Summit

Improving learning with the power of technology

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