Digital Promise documents the stories of educators, school leaders, and students from across the country who are engaging with micro-credentials. The video case studies below showcase the impact of micro-credentials on teaching and learning in a variety of contexts.

Deeper Learning Case Studies

Digital Promise developed a set of 40 micro-credentials aligned to the Hewlett Foundation’s Deeper Learning framework. By earning these micro-credentials, educators can better design experiences that help students develop the skills necessary for success in career and college. These video case studies show these micro-credentials in practice in classrooms across the country.


Deeper Learning through Micro-credentials at Kettle Moraine School District

Kettle Moraine School District, located in Wales, Wisconsin, is committed to cultivating academic excellence, citizenship, and personal development in all their students. Educators at Kettle Moraine School District support the district’s commitment to personalized learning by earning “Deeper Learning” micro-credentials, which support them in empowering their students to think critically and work collaboratively in order to solve real-world problems.

Deeper Learning through Micro-credentials at Rancho Minerva Middle School

Rancho Minerva Middle School is located in Vista, California, a city in northwestern San Diego. Educators at Rancho Minerva Middle earn “Deeper Learning” micro-credentials to provide their students in grades 6-8 educational experiences that encourage critical thinking, collaboration, and self-directed learning.

Deeper Learning through Micro-credentials at Butler Tech High School

Butler Tech High School located in Hamilton, Ohio is one of Ohio’s largest career-technical schools. Students at Butler Tech choose from several different programs that help them experience real-world careers. The Teacher Academy at Butler Tech is one of these programs.

Butler Tech “Aspiring Educators” enrolled in the Teacher Academy have the opportunity to learn and apply teaching methods through workshops, off-site internships, and by conducting lessons with peers to prepare for their future classrooms.

Using the “Deeper Learning” framework and their related competency-based micro-credentials, Crissy Lauterbach, Director of the Teacher Academy, leads her Aspiring Educators in thinking critically about the skills and practices needed to be an effective teacher in today’s evolving society.