Micro-credentials offer school districts an opportunity to personalize professional learning for their educators and shine a light on learning regardless of where it happens. To support your school or district through implementation of this new professional learning tool, Digital Promise has prepared the toolkit below to help craft, implement, and gain buy-in for micro-credentials with your educators.

Getting Started: Resources

These resources are intended to serve as a launching pad for rolling out micro-credentials as a part of your school or district’s professional development strategy.

Micro-credential Introductory Video

This video introduces the concept of micro-credentials and how they can have an impact on an educator’s classroom practice. The video also describes the steps an educator takes to earn a micro-credential.

Micro-credential Platform on BloomBoard

Educators can earn over 140 micro-credentials through the micro-credential platform. Current micro-credentials span a wide variety of competencies from data literacy to teaching fractions and are issued by organizations with deep content and pedagogical knowledge.

micro-credentials-full-sizeProfessional Learning Journey Infographic

This infographic articulates the promise of micro-credentials throughout an educator’s professional trajectory. It illustrates how professional learning can become adaptive, job-embedded, and validated through micro-credentials. Micro-credentials personalize professional development by empowering educators to select an interest-driven area of practice they want to develop or demonstrate existing competence.

Getting Started Video

This video provides a walkthrough of the steps an educator needs to take to create an account on the BloomBoard platform and start the process of submitting evidence to earn a micro-credential.

Four Steps to Earning a Micro-credential Infographic

This infographic outlines the process of earning of a micro-credential from start to finish.

Guide for Micro-credential Assessment

This guide outlines the various processes issuing organizations implement for assessing micro-credential submissions.

Thought Leadership and Other Reports

The resources below provide insights into how micro-credentials can play a part in the larger conversations around transforming educator professional learning. These resources can support you in discovering how micro-credentials can do the same for the educators in your district.

Making Professional Learning Count

This report, by the research firm Grunwald Associates, highlights the importance of effective professional development for educators and summarizes teachers’ attitudes towards competency-based professional learning.

Micro-credentials: Driving Teacher Leadership

This report, written in partnership with the Center for Teaching Quality, explores the power of micro-credentials to support educator learning and leadership and identifies important next steps for increasing their impact.

Developing a System of Micro-credentials: Supporting Deeper Learning in the Classroom

A publication on our flagship “Deeper Learning” micro-credentials and how they equip educators to prepare more self-directed, intellectually curious, and engaged students for college and career readiness.

The Major Momentum Behind Micro-credentials

An eSchoolNews article written by director of Educator Micro-credentials, Jennifer Kabaker, that describes the potential of this emerging practice in professional learning.

Deeper Learning in Practice

An Edutopia article by director of Educator Micro-credentials, Jennifer Kabaker, that describes the application of Deeper Learning micro-credentials in classrooms.

Transforming the Classroom with Micro-credentials

A reflection from Wisconsin’s Superintendent of the Year, Pat Deklotz, speaking to the impact Micro-credentialing has had on her school district.

Micro-credentials: Igniting Impact in the Ecosystem

This publication is a collection of promising stories from our partners who are on their micro-credential implementation journeys. Each story identifies the ways micro-credentials are intervening in various challenges related to linking educator professional learning to positive shifts in effective classroom practice.

Micro-credentials: Spurring Educator Engagement 

This report is designed for districts and states beginning their micro-credential journey toward a more comprehensive educator professional development system, highlighting several incentive strategies already in implementation, for educators to earn micro-credentials.

Micro-credentials for Impact: Holding Professional Learning to High Standards

This paper, co-published by Learning Forward and Digital Promise, charts a course for creating a micro-credential system that enables powerful professional learning for educators. The paper uses Learning Forward’s Standards for Professional Learning as a frame for exploring how micro-credentials can support effective teaching.