The League is action-oriented. League members:

  • Collaborate with colleagues to enhance learning for ALL students
  • Share successful strategies and adopt innovative teaching and learning practices
  • Solve challenges facing K-12 schools through learning technology and education research
  • Commit to equity of access to technology for all students






Working Groups


Throughout the year, Digital Promise hosts working groups for League of Innovative Schools members on topics our members want to pursue. Working groups are led by superintendents or other district leaders and are supported by Digital Promise.

Working groups focus on a broad range of issues, ensuring that the League remains relevant to the changing needs of district superintendents. Working group topics include the following:

The League also convenes an Advisory Committee, which assists in developing the Digital Promise organizational charter, shaping League priorities, and selecting new members. The committee is currently chaired by Steven Webb, superintendent of Vancouver Public Schools in Washington.



Maker Movement in League Districts


As part of the national Week of Making, announced by the White House, Digital Promise, AASA – The School Superintendents Association, and Maker Ed joined forces to identify champions who are taking steps toward incorporating or sustaining maker education in schools and districts across the country. Several League superintendents and district leaders participated in a convening at the White House on June 15, 2015.