For the promise of learning technology to truly become reality for students and teachers, classrooms have to be equipped with the tools that fit their needs.

There are a lot of factors to finding that right match. One of the most important, we’ve found, is also one of the most overlooked – procurement.
mp_ebookthumbImproving Ed-Tech Purchasing” is a new report from Digital Promise and the Education Industry Association that identifies the key obstacles, common challenges, and potential solutions for the procurement of K-12 personalized learning tools. The Johns Hopkins University Center for Research and Reform in Education surveyed district leaders, educators, and learning technology developers from across the country for this study, with a subset participating in in-depth interviews.

We asked both educators and providers about their experiences with purchasing practices, their pain points, and their ideas for improvement. Their answers indicate inefficiencies between schools and providers but also solutions that can support more productive and efficient procurement processes.