Through our Marketplace project, we support education leaders as they use research and data to select programs and products that improve the opportunity to learn for all students. We commission and conduct research to evaluate the effectiveness of educational products, and create a more efficient K-12 education technology marketplace.

Some of our work includes:

  • Our Ed-Tech Pilot report, which looks at how innovative schools across the country try out, evaluate, and ultimately purchase the technology that ends up in the classroom. In partnership with the University of California-Davis School of Education, Digital Promise observed and surveyed district leaders, school administrators, teachers, and students as they worked toward a more formal system for piloting new products.
  • Our Improving Ed-Tech Purchasing report, published in collaboration with Education Industry Association, which identifies the key obstacles, common challenges, and potential solutions for the procurement of K-12 personalized learning tools. The Johns Hopkins University Center for Research and Reform in Education surveyed district leaders, educators, and learning technology developers from across the country for this study, with a subset participating in in-depth interviews.
  • Our Evolving Ed-Tech Procurement report, in partnership with IDEO, which explores ways we can further develop the education technology market in K-12 districts through changing the ed-tech procurement process.