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Developers Put Research to Work

Current practices in research-based product development

Reflections on Gender Inequality

When women have equal access to learning opportunities, all benefit

Developers: Share the Science Behind Your Product

Digital Promise crowdsources best practices from developers

Highlighting Ed-tech Research and Pilot Best Practices

Understanding the role of scientific research and school pilots

A Developer and a CBO Make a Difference in Adult Education

Community Action is expanding access to education one text at a time

Educator & Workforce Micro-credential Summit 2015

Digital Promise held a gathering to discuss educator micro-credentials

The Most Effective Ed Tech: The One that Best Fills the Need

In Philadelphia, tech helps meet the basic needs of adult learners

Expanded Data Visualization: A Further Look at Improving Ed-Tech Purchasing

Two interactive tools to further explore survey responses

Five Recommendations for Developing Better Education Technology Products

DILA organization winners focus on users, data & research

Improving Ed-Tech Purchasing

A new study on the discovery and acquisition of K-12 technology tools

A ‘Learning Ecosystem’ Approach to Ed-Tech Acquisition

When acquiring learning tools, let’s think bigger than “technology”

Accelerating Adult Students Toward Employment

Education with cutting-edge tech at Savannah Technical College

Improving learning with the power of technology

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