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Profession-Based Learning in the Classroom

CAPS Network micro-credentials prepare educators to teach tomorrow’s workforce

Learner Variability in the Classroom through Micro-credentials

Micro-credentials offer insights into supporting full diversity of learners

Trailblazing the Path to Media Literacy Certification with Micro-credentials

Gail Desler shares her journey to becoming the first PBS-Certified Media Literacy Educator

New Professional Learning Opportunities with Micro-credentials

Take a closer look at the new micro-credentials that launched this summer

The Future of Micro-credentialing Policy

How micro-credentials can spur transformation in professional learning for educators

Rethink How Teachers Advance their Careers with Micro-credentials

How micro-credentials can transform teacher evaluation and compensation

Exploring Micro-credentials and Education Policy in the United States

How micro-credentials can be effective professional development for educators

What You Need to Know About Micro-credentials Open Badges

Exploring what Open Badges are and why earning them is valuable

Micro-credentials to Support Learner Variability in the Classroom

Building teacher capacity to meet the needs of all learners

Solving Challenges for Deeper Learning in Science

Collaborating to improve NGSS curriculum and instruction

Improving learning with the power of technology

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