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5 Ways to Boost Middle School Science with Challenge Based Learning

Explore ways to promote deeper learning in middle school science

Designing, Assessing, and Implementing Educator Micro-credentials

Examining newly published principles for educator micro-credentials

Becoming a Teacher Leader With Micro-credentials

How micro-credentials became a professional learning solution in one district

Wrapping Up 2019 With New Micro-credentials

Explore the new opportunities to personalize your professional learning

Demonstrating the Impact of Powerful Learning: HP Teaching Fellows and Micro-credentials

HP Teaching Fellows reflect on how micro-credentials impacted their classrooms

Innovating Professional Learning with Micro-credentials

How a micro-credentials pilot produced a win-win for one school district

Recognizing Skills of Afterschool Professionals with Micro-credentials

National AfterSchool Association’s micro-credentials pilot focuses on STEM facilitation

New Micro-credentials Added to Digital Promise Ecosystem

Explore the new opportunities to personalize your professional learning

Profession-Based Learning in the Classroom

CAPS Network micro-credentials prepare educators to teach tomorrow’s workforce

The Impact of Micro-credentials on Educator Practice

How micro-credentials lead to collaboration, instructional shifts, and positive changes in student learning

Learner Variability in the Classroom through Micro-credentials

Micro-credentials offer insights into supporting full diversity of learners

Improving learning with the power of technology

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