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Foster Social-Emotional Learning through Making

New Castle Area School District shares how making helps their students build social-emotional learning skills

How a Middle School Library Promotes Maker Learning for All Students

A conversation about making in school libraries

A Primer on Maker Learning: Authenticity

The best maker learning experiences feature authenticity of experience

Announcing the Digital Promise filmMAKER Challenge

Providing an opportunity for students to tell their product design story

A Primer on Maker Learning: Agency

High quality maker learning experiences focus on student agency

Innovative Schools Prioritize Maker Learning

Maker learning inspires creativity, confidence, and passion for learning

Schools in All 50 States Are Making

The Maker Promise has seen inspiring early results across the country

Inspiring the Next Generation of Makers

Get started by signing the Maker Promise

The Library as a Gateway to 21st Century Skills

Chicago Public Library’s thinking hard about a library’s role in 21st century adult learning

Improving learning with the power of technology

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