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Strategically Embedding Edtech to Reach State Tech Standards

When and how does it make sense to use edtech to align with standards?

Un-Siloing Edtech: Stimulating Reflection and Metacognition in the Classroom

Tips for using edtech in unconventional ways to encourage collaboration

Guest Post: The Papert Test: A Filter for Picking Powerful Edtech

Creating a test for edtech that helps teachers find tools that support student agency, choice, and creativity in learning

Lessons from Sesame Workshop: Leveraging Research and Learner Testing for Powerful Edtech

Sesame Workshop shares how research and kid testing shape design

An Inclusive Approach to Designing Learning and Employment Records

Worker-centered standards to drive an emerging industry

Digital Promise Releases Report on Value of Research in Edtech Design

Report highlights the value of grounding products in learning sciences

New Product Certification Calls on Edtech Tools to Prioritize Racial Equity in AI Design

Edtech Equity and Digital Promise announce the launch of the Prioritizing Racial Equity in AI Design Product Certification

What Do Edtech and AI Have to Do with Racial Bias?

Edtech Equity explains the impact of racial bias in AI

Center & Empower Educator Voice in Edtech Market: A Collaborative Vision

Nonprofits announce collaborative effort to highlight quality edtech tools

How to Efficiently Find Edtech to Support Powerful Learning

Explore the most recently certified edtech products

Choosing Edtech: Three Learnings from Five Districts

Five school districts share systems for purchasing edtech

Three Ideas to Find Edtech that Will Transform the Future of Learning

Three ideas to effectively leverage stimulus funds

Improving learning with the power of technology

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