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Extreme Stress During Childhood Can Hurt Social Learning for Years to Come

Which cognitive processes explain long-term effects of childhood adversity?

Lasting Gains from Preschool

New study connects preschool quality improvements with academic gains for preschoolers — and for high schoolers

Civics for the Youngest Citizens

Fostering a relationship between children and their communities

Talking Race and Ethnicity

How to go below the surface and engage students in meaningful conversations about race, ethnicity, and identity

Real Advice for First-Gens

How first-generation students can successfully navigate college unknowns

How Do Children Learn Empathy?

Children can develop empathy skills, including the capacity to think about, imagine and reflect on emotional experiences

Preventing Gender Bias

How caregivers can work to counter stereotyping and discrimination — starting in early childhood

Teaching Social and Emotional Skills All Day

Social emotional learning shouldn’t be relegated to a distinct unit or stand-alone curriculum; infuse it throughout the day

Healthy Children, Better Learning

An education reform effort that seeks to confront systemic barriers to health and wellness — leveling the playing field for students

Young Children are Terrible at Hiding – Psychologists Have a New Theory Why

Research contradicts the idea that children’s poor hiding skills reflect an egocentric nature

For Schools, It’s About Who You Know

Research shows that partnerships between schools and external organizations, meant to alleviate inequality, often perpetuate it

Why do Fewer Black Students Get Identified as Gifted?

A teacher’s race can influence who gets selected for gifted programs

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