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Testing Literacy Today Requires More Than a Pencil and Paper

Traditional tests don’t capture the full range of competencies involved with literacy today

English Learners and Reading Challenges

Helping educators gain new tools to assess, intervene, and support struggling readers (and language learners)

The Enduring Power of Print for Learning in a Digital World

While many students prefer to read digitally, comprehension can be improved when reading printed texts

Giving Students Choice in Reading Helps Stem the ‘Summer Slide’

Reading scores can improve when kids create their own summer book lists

Learning to Read to Learn

Three ways to enhance adolescent reading comprehension in a digital world

When Reading Gets Harder

By focusing on how words connect in academic texts, teachers may be better able to equip students with the tools to comprehend the texts

Fixing the Failure Model

Research indicates that children at risk for dyslexia can be identified before they begin school

Reading to Your Child: The Difference it Makes

What happens to children when they participate in shared reading?

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