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The Limits of Curriculum Choice

A new Harvard study of textbook efficacy finds that curriculum alone does not improve student outcomes

The Rise – and Possible Fall – of the Graphing Calculator

When properly used, graphing technology is a powerful tool for helping students learn mathematics

Why Students Need More ‘Math Talk’

Facilitated discussions about math can help kids learn

Five Easy Ways to Boost Children’s Spatial Skills

Spatial reasoning skills are important for success in STEM subjects and for everyday life

How Math Education Can Catch Up to the 21st Century

All students can benefit from active engagement in the math classroom

Don’t Know How to Get Your Kid to Do Math? Try Patterns

Learn how early pattern knowledge can support children’s later mathematics achievement

Challenging the Status Quo in Mathematics: Teaching for Understanding

What does it truly mean to teach and learn mathematics?

Mathematics, Everywhere for Everyone

Bridging the gap between math in the classroom and math at home — for all families

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