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Testing Mode Matters

New research finds a score penalty for computer-based testing — at least at first

The Rise – and Possible Fall – of the Graphing Calculator

When properly used, graphing technology is a powerful tool for helping students learn mathematics

The Enduring Power of Print for Learning in a Digital World

While many students prefer to read digitally, comprehension can be improved when reading printed texts

The Ups and Downs of Social Media

A new study teases out the emotions of social media, finding that teens generally focus on the positive

From Digital Native to Digital Expert

To suss out the credibility of digital information, students should go beyond checklists and act more like fact-checkers

The Digital Bridge

A model for how online education can increase access to higher education

It’s True: Internet Surfing During Class is Not so Good for Grades

While having a computer in school is useful for writing papers, gathering information and learning how to program and use software, surfing the internet during class could be a source of distraction and could hinder learning

Mindfulness and Screen Time

Writing new terms of engagement for how we approach connected lives

What We Know About Tablets and How Your Child Learns to Read

These two surveys indicate the ongoing debate concerning the overall role and value of digital books for young children

Is Online Education Good or Bad? And Is This Really the Right Question?

Research on how to make online learning effective

Technology Integration Research Review

Three research-based principles to guide technology integration

Improving learning with the power of technology

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