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Why the Baby Brain Can Learn Two Languages at the Same Time

Learn why early childhood is the best possible time to learn a second language

Mathematics, Everywhere for Everyone

Bridging the gap between math in the classroom and math at home — for all families

Getting Up Close

Augmented reality leads to a deeper understanding of ecosystem science — and forecasts the future of STEM learning

Children with Autism Aren’t Necessarily Visual Learners

Learn about one study that explores the effectiveness of picture-based communications systems for children with autism.

Feedback That Works

A New Approach to Feedback for Educators that Prioritizes Growth and Authentic Connection

How Virtual Reality Technology is Changing the Way Students Learn

We are now seeing technology being designed and utilized specifically for education contexts, and it’s changing the way students learn and understand things

Why Kids Who Have Trouble Behaving in Preschool Fall Behind

More and more children are attending school at an earlier age. But are these children ready for school?

What We Know About Tablets and How Your Child Learns to Read

These two surveys indicate the ongoing debate concerning the overall role and value of digital books for young children

Reading to Your Child: The Difference it Makes

What happens to children when they participate in shared reading?

At What Age is it Easiest to Learn a Second Language?

If you want to learn a foreign language, should you begin before a certain age in order to fully master it?

What Makes SEL Work?

An effective social-emotional learning program has to be a whole-school initiative

Multiple Choice

How teachers can tap the power of student autonomy when putting new Common Core standards into practice

Improving learning with the power of technology

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