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Summer Math Loss

Why kids lose math knowledge, and how familes can work to counteract it

Teaching the Environment

How educators can help students understand the complexity of environmental change

Memory and Sense of Self May Play More of a Role in Autism Than We Thought

Research suggests that autobiographical memory’s role in creating a sense of self may be a key element behind the development of autistic characteristics

How Teacher Partnerships Work

New evidence of the tangible benefits of peer-to-peer, school-based skill building

Learn How To Study Using… Dual Coding

Dual coding is the process of combining verbal materials with visual materials

What Causes Mind Blanks During Exams?

To understand what’s happening during a mind blank, there are three brain regions we have to become familiar with

Sharing Picture Books With Kids Can Make Them Smarter and More Attentive

Research on how picture books improve infants’ literacy skills

Curriculum Matters When it Comes to Kindergarten Friendships

Research on ways to help young children develop social skills

Smart Talk

Research on how children develop vocabulary

Becoming a Math Person

Ways to help students feel excited about learning math

Improving learning with the power of technology

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