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Say My Name: Verizon Innovative App Challenge Entry

This entry for the mobile app challenge focuses on a unique problem faced by a school with a high population of refugee students.

These Students are Running Their School’s Full Service Snack Shack

Students in Burlington, Vt learn practical life skills by running their school’s snack bar.

Connected Learner Profile: The Filmmaker

An 8th grade student from Meridian, Idaho shares her stories through film.

Connected Learner Profile: The Engineer & Designer

This student applies his love of problem solving to his school’s tech squad.

How Has Learning Changed?

Find out how one school’s culture has changed to focus on personalized learning.

Design Challenge: Race Cars!

Students go through the steps of the design process to create plans, test, and build their own working race cars.

We Built This City

Learning about ancient civilizations comes to life as students design their own cities.

Getting to the Root of Every Student’s Story

Teachers commit to reaching every student by understanding his or her story.

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