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A Fun New Way to Study Vocabulary

These students use a hands-on method to study vocabulary words in a new way.

Problem Solving and Thinking Like an Engineer

Focusing on problem solving during Engineers Week.

How Every Art Student Can Have Their Own Gallery

Art students share their pieces in an online gallery that allows students, teachers, and even family members to see their work.

Confident Learning: Being a Smart Learning Coach

How can learning coaches help teachers reflect on the learning in their classrooms?

Powerful Learning: Turning Students and Teachers into Problem Solvers

One school focuses on problem-solving as the learning goal for teachers and students alike.

Powerful Learning: Remixing the Music Class

In music class, students use apps on their tablets to self-assess and improve their practice sessions.

Powerful Learning: Co-Learning is Key

Students and teachers are both on the journey to powerful use.

Library Resources at Your Fingertips!

A librarian leverages technology to enhance her students’ skills in finding and using information.

Improving learning with the power of technology

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