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Strengthening Connections Through Home Visits

Teachers from Rancho Minerva Middle School in Vista, Calif. visited students’ homes at the beginning of…

Are You Opting In? These Students Are!

Students at Rancho Minerva Middle School are “opting in” this summer. They are able to take…

What Does It Mean to Be a Future Ready School? Ask the Students!

Rancho Minerva Middle School underwent a huge transformation during the 2014-2015 school year. With the launch of…

Why Every Student Should Be a Storyteller

Documenting and sharing stories is a huge part of the learning process. For students, being involved in…

First Day: Teachers Receive Technology!

It’s an exciting day for teachers at Rancho Minerva Middle School- they’ve just received their tablets!…

Unlimited Opportunities: Why Teachers Are Excited About Tech in Schools

Teachers and coaches talk about the impact of a one-to-one rollout on all students. Providing each…

What Do Learning Coaches Really Do?

Two students are a on a mission: to find out what exactly the coaches at their school really do all day.

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