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Lead the Change

Learn how two schools in Vista, Calif. created a culture of leadership and change.

If You Could Teach Any Subject, What Would You Choose?

This teacher from VIDA chose cryptozoology!

Building Our Digital ‘Ohana

Building community between Vista, Calif. and Maui, Hawaii.

Exploring STEM in Action During Engineers Week

Students from Vista, Calif. explore innovative STEM technology during Engineer’s Week.

Embracing Challenges Can Be Fun!

This brief interview with a student from Vista, Calif. shows how one student is embracing the…

Inside the Shark Tank

Dive into the “Shark Tank” with Mr. Ruiz’s video production class! Students are working on producing commercials…

Students Are the Key to a Successful Rollout!

Rolling out devices to the whole school is a major event. It’s important to be prepared…

Students as Storytellers: Who is Telling Your School’s Story?

The tablet rollout is an exciting moment for every school. Involving the students in the storytelling aspect…

Subtext in Action

At VIDA in Vista, California, Mrs. Wilson uses tablets to facilitate discussion in her English class….

Unlimited Opportunities: Why Teachers Are Excited About Tech in Schools

Teachers and coaches talk about the impact of a one-to-one rollout on all students. Providing each…

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