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Students are the Key to a Successful Tech Rollout

At Vista Unified (CA), students are leaders in digital transformation

Ask the Cognitive Scientist: Retrieval Practice

How quizzing can help improve long-term memory

The New Librarian: Leaders in the Digital Age

Teacher-librarians chart a new course in Vancouver Public Schools

Using Technology for Effective Parent-Teacher Communication

Reflections from Pearson’s Teaching in a Digital Age research study

Changing a Rural Community’s Expectations Through 24/7 Learning

A model for 21st-century rural education in Piedmont

Supporting ConnectED to Enrich K-12 Education

Cross-sector partnerships aim to close the digital divide

Innovation Starts in the Classroom

A teacher-driven approach to 21st century learning at West Ada Schools

Schools See Results With Competency-Based Learning

See statistics from five districts across the nation

Advancing Accessible, Relevant Educational Research

Research needs to be readily available and clearly articulated

A System-Wide Approach to Computer Science

South Fayette is a national leader in applying computational thinking to K-12 education. All students have…

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