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The Science of Dance

Dance students use interactive tools to extend learning beyond the studio.

The “A” in STEAM–Creativity and Problem Solving

Students learn more about the relationship between the arts and engineering.

How Every Art Student Can Have Their Own Gallery

Art students share their pieces in an online gallery that allows students, teachers, and even family members to see their work.

Powerful Learning: Remixing the Music Class

In music class, students use apps on their tablets to self-assess and improve their practice sessions.

A Creative Solution to Get Free Classroom Supplies

Carroll Middle School’s band is in the middle of an exciting contest–get enough votes, and they…

So Much Drama: How Tech Helped Connect a Theater Class and a Music Class!

Students in Mrs. Temkin’s drama class at Chute Middle School are working on adapting their own…

His Students Begged for Homework; What Was This Teacher’s Secret?

Music class is transformed by the use of apps like GarageBand. It’s easy for students to…

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