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Students are Leading the Way

Students discover leadership skills by directing their own learning.

Lead the Change

Learn how two schools in Vista, Calif. created a culture of leadership and change.

The Power of Reflection

Student video reflection tools allow teachers to easily monitor students’ progress.

Verizon Design Thinking Challenge: Find a Better Way to Store Headphones

Students use the design thinking process to solve a common problem.

What Does a Mindset Mean to You?

Teachers share what “mindset” means to them and how it impacts their practice.

Planning for Sustainability: Focus on Equity

In this video, Rancho Minerva MS students share how their school is planning to help students…

The Science of Dance

Dance students use interactive tools to extend learning beyond the studio.

Learning Light Through Simulation

This science class uses an online simulator to learn about the properties of light.

Hour of Code Sparks Student Interest in Computer Science

Hunt Middle School in Burlington, Vermont participated in the Hour of Code along with many other…

Meet a Super Student Leader

Learn how one student is using technology to lead her school’s diversity club and promote tolerance.

Connecting Two Schools Through Challenge Based Learning

Two schools tackle a challenge based learning project together.

After Hours Poetry

Sparking student creativity through collaborative poetry study.

Improving learning with the power of technology

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