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Refer friends to the Micro-credential Platform and receive coupon codes for free micro-credential assessments!

Help us put more educators in the driver’s seat of their learning and receive coupon codes to cover the assessment of specific micro-credentials. We’ll be offering a new set of micro-credentials periodically!

As we move into the new school year, the following micro-credentials can highlight and assist in implementing and evaluating equitable technology for students and families, and how it supports instruction and adds value to student learning.


Why Use Tech in the Classroom? Empowering Parents through Technology

Follow these four steps to start receiving coupon codes:

Step 1: Sign up and create your account on the platform. If you already have one, skip to Step 2.

Step 2: Refer 7 of your colleagues to the platform and have them sign up and create an account.

Step 3: Fill out your Coupon Code Redemption Form.

Step 4: Receive a coupon code redeemable for the assessment of one (1) of the micro-credentials listed above.

Promotion ends October 31, 2020.

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