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Hybrid and Remote Learning Micro-credential Library

During the COVID-19 pandemic, educators, administrators, and district leaders are searching for helpful resources to support their students as they shift to distance learning while connecting and collaborating with colleagues. Micro-credentials can support those goals, as educators can use resources included in each micro-credential and submit evidence to earn micro-credentials for professional development.

To help educators continue their professional learning during this time of social distancing, we have curated this library of micro-credentials which can be earned outside of the classroom or do not require student work or face-to-face interaction with others. This list also includes topics educators may find helpful during the transition to remote learning.

Check out how educators are shifting their practice and developing relevant resources in our new blog post: Creating Authentic Distance Learning in Science

Advanced Performance Assessment Design

Basic Performance Assessment Design

Challenge Based Learning

Classroom Interactions

Computational Thinking: Pedagogies

Computer Programming and Debugging

Cultivating Leadership

Deeper Learning - Digital Fluency

Deeper Learning - Learning Practices

Deeper Learning - Learning to Learn

Deeper Learning - Personal Mindsets

Deeper Learning - Social & Cross-cultural Interactions

Deeper Learning - Social Mindsets

Design Thinking

Designing and Implementing Outcome-Based Education for Higher Education

Designing for Learner Variability

Digital Fluency

Digital Promise Journey - #1: Ready to Commit

Digital Promise Journey - #2: Ready to Manage

Digital Promise Journey - #3: Ready to Launch

Edcamp Community

Engaging Stakeholders in Effective Communication

Global Competence - Action and Engagement

Global Graduates

Innovative Leadership

Instructional Strategies for Computer Science

Introduction to Math and Science Action Research

Language Acquisition Best Practices

Leading with Purpose

Learner Variability

Learning Through Inquiry

Learning to Teach

Mind, Brain, Education Science

Modern Classrooms

Orchestrating Productive Math and Science Discussions

Performance Assessment for Equity

Personalized Learning - Foundations

Refugee Educators


Sexuality Education

Shared Leadership

Supporting English Learners: Language Fundamentals

Teaching and Learning in Computer Science

Teaching Rural Students from Poverty

Tech for Home-School Connections

Transformational Leaders

UNHCR Teaching for Refugees

Using Data to Inform School-Based Decisions

Using Goal Setting to Build Learner Agency

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