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Students are the Key to a Successful Tech Rollout

November 10, 2014 | By

As the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools begin to roll out devices to students, each school has taken a slightly different approach to ensuring that their celebration is a success. At Vista Unified School District in California, the success strategy was clear from the moment parents and kids walked in the door to pick up their devices. You couldn’t miss it, actually.

At both Rancho Minerva and Vista Innovation and Design Academy (VIDA), students in bright yellow shirts were part of every interaction. Students in yellow shirts greeted the parents. Students in yellow shirts invited the families to participate in games and raffles. Students in yellow shirts showed features of the devices and how to download apps.

Beth Duncan, the local storyteller, comments: “For us to roll out the iPads as just a staff would have been exciting, but to include the kids that it’s actually meant for changes the meaning. It becomes more personal. From hearing about the iPads, talking about the iPads – now they are organizing the iPads, helping the other kids get these things together. Being part of the process gives them ownership.”

Check out the video below to see what a technology rollout looks like at Vista. And look out for students in the yellow shirts!

Vista, Ca. Rolling out our promise from Digital Promise on Vimeo.
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