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Expanded Data Visualization: A Further Look at Improving Ed-Tech Purchasing

December 3, 2014 | By

When looking at the findings from “Improving Ed-Tech Purchasing,” our recent study of the key obstacles and potential solutions for the personalized learning marketplace, we identified several key takeaways from the data. You can read all about that here.

For the real procurement junkies (yes, they exist), we also posted our full data set from the report – survey responses from district leaders, educators, and learning technology developers from across the country. Today, we’re taking that a step further and offering two interactive tools to explore those responses based on topic area and respondent groups.

This first tool lets you sort through each question we asked respondents. You can see on several questions there is a stark difference in perspectives between technology providers and district officials.

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This second tool lets you select and compare responses to different questions. For example, you can see how much district officials rely on website recommendations versus pilots for making ed-tech purchasing decisions. And, say, if you’re a principal who wants to only see what other principals think, you can limit which respondent groups are reflected in the data.


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Have any trouble interacting with the data, or suggestions for how we can present it differently?

Share your questions and comments below!

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