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The iPad Guy is Dead!

February 3, 2015 | By

The iPad Guy is dead! Ok, maybe not dead but he doesn’t come around as much as before. And that’s just fine by me. A month into our 1:1 iPad rollout and I am hoping that guy is gone and the new guy; Instructional Technology Coach is born. The thing is….I’m both those guys. But from the beginning I have been dealing with many issues such as permission slips, Apple IDs, connection issues, insurance, apps not working and iPads not working just to name a few.

Officially I am an Instructional Technology Coach and not iPad Guy. Ultimately, the job is to work with the teachers creating and enhancing their curriculum with technology infusion. I feel that I am starting to be able to work with the teachers and be in the classroom teaching, co-teaching and supporting both teachers and students in the education process not IT. The good news is that iPad guy has some progeny. He has created some amazing students that have taken on the role that iPad guy filled.

I was in Ms. Figueroa’s 6th grade math class where the students were showing their mastery of dividing fractions. The students could show it any way they wanted. Some chose to create a movie while others used a recordable whiteboard. What was amazing was that the teacher gave them the space to show their mastery and they were teaching each other both math and technology. After watching a couple of these, I think I understand how to divide fractions.

The iPad guy comes still comes around, sometimes just to visit the iPad kids or even lend a hand. But I am hoping to see him less and less. No hard feelings but sometimes we just need to say goodbye. Things change (for the better)!

Long Live the Instructional Tech Coach!


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