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Polar GoFit Heart Rate Monitors in P.E. class

February 20, 2015 | By


Today was the first day that all the 6th graders wore the Polar heart rate monitors.  They participated in color tag as their fitness workout.  The goal was to be in the target heart rate zone throughout class.  The students can see their heart rate on the Polar GoFit app.  The app is color coordinated, so the students know that if they are in the green, yellow, or red zone, they are improving their fitness and are at or above their target heart rate.  Below is a picture and video of the students in action.  Tomorrow they will receive their user name and password so that they can log-in to www.polargofit.com using their iPads provided by the Digital Promise program.  They will be using the heart rate monitors every fitness day throughout the school year.




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