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Data Snapshot: Student Aspirations

February 24, 2015 | By

Here’s a feel-good chart. When surveyed recently our project-wide student group indicated that 87% of them want to go to college and over 80% say that success in school is important to what they want to do with their futures.

Students Thinking About Their Future

But take a look at this next chart. Sports was the most often chosen aspiration—43%—with Entertainment, then Technology a close second. How could we use student interest in these careers to open more realistic and sustainable goals: sports medicine, engineering safer equipment, reporting, economics, photography, or general fitness and wellbeing?

Student Career Aspirations: Total Students


Here’s how students from the four reporting schools compared.

   StudentAspirations4_KingArts  Student Career Aspirations: Chute

StudentAspirations5_RanchMinerva   StudentAspirations6_VIDA



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