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Technology Goals

February 26, 2015 | By

Going 1:1 is always exciting. The flashy new tablets hitting the hands of the students, the endless possibilities learning now has, and the endless possibilities of apps all come to mind when a 1:1 is first released. When all that wears away and reality hits, innovation becomes the key to survival. From managing devices, teaching digital citizenship, and even handling discipline issues… the reality of a 1:1 school comes quickly. The hard part is keeping a strong focus on the learning. One way to do that is to set site technology goals.


To get our school site technology goals David and I sat down and asked ourselves “where do we want to be with our tablets in 6 months? What kind of a culture do we want in regards to technology? How are we going to make important decision in what goes on the tablets and how they are used in learning?” The answers to those questions became our technology goals. Those goals were then taken to our curricular leads on campus for approval, then finally given to the staff and students.


Here are the goals for VIDA:

VIDA Technology Philosophy and Goals

At the end of year 1 we are going to use the Who your students think you are strategy by asking students, teacher, and parents to respond to “iPads make my life…” We will use this as an evaluation and reflection of our goals.



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