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Planning with the End in Mind

March 2, 2015 | By

After our wonderful visit in California, I spent a few hours thinking about one of the questions posed to us.  Where would you like to be in June 2015 and at the end of our initiative? So began to think, about that.  What would be the best case scenario of the implementation of the program? What would need to take place to get us there?


Since only the coaches and storytellers went to California for the DP meeting, it was important to reconnect with our team in Evanston.  So we caught Patty Tzortis up on some of the events of our trip. Then we began to work in earnest on our Logic Model for Evanston’s iPad initiative.


So we started thinking about

What knowledge changes would our teachers need to embrace and integrate the iPad as a learning device?

What practice changes do we want to see ?

What student changes do we want to see?


Our conversation was rich. We began to develop our ideas.  Instead of venting about where we stand in our initiative, we focused on the possibilities.  We were hopeful! While we aren’t yet finished with the Logic Model, I feel good that we’ve unified our thoughts on our work as Instructional Coaches.

ipadLogicModel2     Next steps? Complete the model, share our model with our building              administrators (gather their input) market our model internally to our        new district administration. Work to get on the radar outside of our              buildings…tell our story.


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