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Highlighting Ed-tech Research and Pilot Best Practices

March 4, 2015 | By

Given the massive amounts of information about how students learn and what environmental factors best support learners, we want to know: What research do companies use and how does it guide product design and development?  How do schools run ed-tech pilots, and how do they use the results??

We’re launching two new crowdsourcing campaigns to gain insights from entrepreneurs and educators to help answer these questions.

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What’s the benefit to participating?


For technology providers, we’ll share responses on our website, and we’ll highlight the best examples of research-based product development. In doing so, we aim to help all stakeholders use scientific and user research to improve student outcomes and better understand learners. As we spotlight excellence, technology providers can demonstrate the research basis for their products and give districts an opportunity to learn more.

For schools and districts, we’ll highlight the best examples of running pilots and incorporating their results into decision-making. These highlighted schools and districts will help thousands of schools get even better at using pilots to make smart product choices.

Additionally, up to 10 school or district leaders with the most innovative submissions will be awarded a $1,000 stipend from Digital Promise for a weekend trip to San Francisco, which will include workshops with and presentations to leading software companies of the Ed-Tech Industry Network. (See the FAQ for more info, including the judging rubric and deadlines.)

Want to know more about the project and why this information is so important? Our infographic explores the relationship between research, product development, and school pilots in developing effective learning technologies for students and teachers.

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Submit your story through the forms linked below, share them with other technology developers or school leaders who you think are doing great work, and email us with any questions.



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