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15 Things You Didn’t Know About PreEminent

March 24, 2015 | By

  1. PreEminent is a charter school.  A charter school is a public school that has a maximum capacity.  Once the maximum amount of students are accepted for a specific grade level, a waiting list is created until free spots for that grade level open up.
  2. PreEminent is located in Raleigh, NC.
  3. Students from Kindergarten through Eighth grade attend PreEminent.
  4. All of our students arrive by car or van.  We do not have buses!
  5. With that being said, our car pool line only lasts roughly 25 minutes!
  6. Our school is made up of 3 wings, K-2 (lower elementary), 3-5 (upper elementary), and 6-8 (middle school).
  7. Our students wear uniforms.
  8. Our mascot is a panther.
  9. Our school colors are purple and white.
  10. We have a moral focus curriculum where each month we focus on a different virtue such as, self control, respect, wisdom etc.
  11. It is a priority for us to build personal relationships with our students and their families.
  12. We have a focus for small group instruction with a ton of differentiation.
  13. We reward students Kindergarten through Eighth grade who consistently demonstrate positive behavior by holding a Panther Point celebration every month.
  14. When you join PreEminent you become family.
  15. Teachers greet students daily at their doors with a handshake or hug and a smile!


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