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Empowering Girls to Solve for Tomorrow

March 26, 2015 | By

Samsung’s Solve for Tomorrow contest challenges classrooms around the U.S. to use science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to address a community problem. When Samsung approached Digital Promise to design an innovation prize in the Solve for Tomorrow contest, we knew we wanted to highlight the link between schools and communities. We developed the Civic Engagement Prize to recognize classrooms whose project involved a whole community to solve a persistent local problem.

This week, I am thrilled to present the award to the girls at Frankie Woods McCullough Academy in Gary, Indiana, whose project addresses an overlooked but important problem in America: the prevalence of “food deserts” in low-income communities. Check out the winning video to see how the students take steps towards change in their community.

These girls’ work is a powerful testament to the potential for school to be an empowering experience, where students work not just for a grade, but to make a difference. I want all girls to have the same opportunity to create change by using their creativity and harnessing the power of science. Read my full article on LinkedIn about supporting girls and women in STEM fields.

Watch our team’s message to Frankie Woods about the school’s winning project:

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