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After the Roll Out

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Student Created Art on Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Student with Tablet

Students are Engaged by Mackenzie Knapp, 7th grade student at FDR Middle School, Bristol, PA

Roll Out was a huge success! Students, with tablets in hand, left with access to the digital world. Teachers were finally able to impelement all of the cool things that they had been learning and planning for their students. After the initial roll out of tablets, our building began to change immediately. Our building was buzzing with excitement over all of the cool applications and discoveries that were technology and digiatl world related. Behaviors are down, and attendance and engagement are up! I have mostly heard this through overheard conversations, postings, and passing comments in the hall. Why? Well as the instructional coach, I want to make sure that the students have access to their tablets, and all of the applications they offer. It takes time. This can be a trial and error process when you first implement the a 1:1 tablet program. So I have been “figuring it out” along with the IT Department and my fellow coach. It doesn’t matter what device you choose, you will be confronted with a huge learning curve!


The Tablet Lady by, Cassidy-Rayne Shultz 7th grade student at FDR Middle School, Bristol, PA

Be Ready to

  • Create a plan to process and manage tablets with “issues”. Otherwise you’ll be facing a logistical nighmare. Devise a tracking process to match students with tablets and issues.
  • Learn your device, you may need the help of a kid to help you “hack” it! They are more than willing to help. It’s cool to know more than adults.
  • Learn the functions of different applications, again seek out help from others. Google Communities are great for this!
  • Know your students and faculty. Help to foster a community where you share knowledge and everyone is an expert at something! Investigate and find out who knows what, because you will not know everything!
  • Assume nothing! You know what happens when you assume right?  Make sure that you communicate what is happening with all things tablet related.
  • Be patient, there are so many things that are out of your hands when it comes to technology. Always have a plan B,C, and D.
  • Get and ask for help. We actually have a Tiger Tech team of students who help us troubleshoot! They are worth their weight in platnum!

That’s all for now! Back to the tablets!

Student Created Art on Samsung Galaxy Note

School Before and After Tablets by Cierra Ashenbrener 7th grade student at FDR Middle School, Bristol, PA



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