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Micro-credentials: Competency-based Recognition for Educators

November 20, 2015 | By

Educators across the country want professional development that helps them develop the skills they need to become better teachers and best support their students. Powerful professional learning activities provide personalized, competency-based, and job-embedded opportunities for development. Fueled by their strong interest in continuous learning, educators are looking for new ways to expand and apply that learning.

Micro-credentials, which provide educators with competency-based recognition for their skills, are a new tool to shine a light on educators’ competencies, whether they are new or existing.

The infographic pictured below illustrates how micro-credentials can enhance an educator’s professional learning journey throughout his or her career. With their passion for lifelong learning, educators can use micro-credentials to grow professionally as they take on new challenges, meet the needs of their students, adapt to new environments, and receive recognition for developing those skills.

Lifelong learning is a non-linear path, and micro-credentials provide meaningful milestones along that journey.



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