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Missing School Doesn’t Have to Mean Falling Behind

April 5, 2016 | By

One of the most impactful changes that technology can bring to a school culture is its ability to help students and teachers stay connected outside of school. For one student, this ability to stay connected proved invaluable. Susy, a 7th grade student at King Arts, had to miss a lot of school due to an illness. She was stuck in the hospital and wasn’t able to be with her classmates. As she began to recover, Susy was able to use video chat to attend her classes. With the help of another student on the other end of the hangouts, Susy was able to participate and keep up with her school work. When she was well enough to return to school, she was able to jump right back into learning in the classroom!

“I felt completely connected, as if I didn’t miss any school at all.” –Susy, 7th grader at King Arts

Produced by Gary Cipinko, Storyteller and Learning Coach at King Arts Lab School


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