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Introducing the Research@Work Video Series

September 1, 2016 | By

Educators and educational product developers understand the value of using research to inform their work, but it can be overwhelming to find the most relevant and promising research findings. To make this process easier, we are pleased to launch the Digital Promise Research@Work video series, introducing 12 research topics that support education practice.

These quick, easy-to-follow videos will highlight important research findings and concepts from our Research Map, which offers thousands of articles in education and learning sciences research.

The first video tackles a challenging question: How can educators motivate students? Learn three strategies from Edward Deci and Richard Ryan’s Self-Determination Theory on how to help students get and stay motivated.

Stay tuned for more videos on research findings that can help educators and product developers improve student learning, and watch the first video:


To read more about the research on Student Motivation, visit the Research Map.


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