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Including Adult Learners in the National Broadband Research Agenda

November 8, 2016 | By

Despite the promise of technology to improve access to learning opportunities for underserved adult learners, the adoption and use of technology for and by these learners is nascent. A critical step to realizing the full potential of technology for underserved adult learners, and by extension their families, involves looking more deeply into equity of access as well as why this population often has underutilized available broadband technology.

Digital Promise partnered with the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy to write a response to the public call for comments to help frame the National Broadband Research Agenda. Our goal was to be sure the issues of technology adoption and use by this population were critical components of the Agenda. The final Agenda will reflect the most significant opportunities for data collection, analysis, and research into broadband access and use by adult learners across the nation.

Please read our comment, as well as all of the comments submitted. Then, keep an eye out in the new year for the final Agenda to be put into action.

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