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What It Looks Like to Have Always-Available Access to Technology

November 29, 2016 | By

The fall semester is quickly coming to a close. Forty-six Verizon Innovative Learning schools have successfully rolled out tablets equipped with 4G data plans, providing every student and teacher with always-available access to powerful tools and resources, both in the classroom and at home. Now what?

Teachers have begun adapting their lessons to allow for more at-home independent work now that they are assured that each student has equal access. In this video, find out how one teacher from Evanston, Ill., has leveraged this access with her students.

Before Chute Middle School undertook a digital transformation, many of its students did not have an internet connection or access to technology at home. Because of this, teachers weren’t able to assign homework that required students to use technology or conduct internet research outside of school. School culture dictated that all such work needed to be completed in the classroom during the school day.

This mindset changes when students are guaranteed equitable access. The Digital Learning Gap narrows when all students have the same access to technology and a reliable internet connection. Teachers can expand their lesson planning and free up valuable classroom time for discussion or group work when students are able to complete assignments and independent parts of a project at home.

Always available access to technology empowers both teachers and students. Through the Verizon Innovative Learning initiative, we hope to inspire confident, lifelong learners and help teachers leverage technology for innovation. Equitable access makes this a reality for every student.

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