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The Power of Reflection

May 31, 2017 | By

At Frank Borman School in Phoenix, AZ, teachers are using a new app to help incorporate student reflection into their classes. This tool helps gauge what level of understanding the students are at for any given lesson. Students videotape their understanding of a topic, reflect on a given topic or lesson, and can ask the teacher if they want to learn more and what about. The teacher can view all of his/her students’ videos on a dashboard so they can track how each student is progressing.

“Teachers are really finding that student discourse is so important. Giving students an opportunity to speak, to explain their thinking. Getting them in front of a video and being able to use that video to provide feedback that’s specific to that student, it increases the level of differentiation for our kids.”

Produced by Veronica Sanchez, Storyteller at Cartwright School District #83


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