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Digital Tools Support Adult Learning

June 14, 2017 | By

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As edtech becomes more prevalent in classrooms, the important question many are asking is, “Do edtech products support learning?” This question is especially important for low-skilled adult learners, who are among the most vulnerable. The answer, according to a new report released by SRI last week, points to yes.

We’re excited to release our companion infographic that highlights the key findings from the report and includes recommendations for educators and product developers alike.

In this study, one of the few rigorous examinations of digital technologies and low-skilled adult learners, researchers found that edtech products can help build math and reading skills, as well as confidence in using online technologies. Overall, learners like the products and educators are enthusiastic about the potential of technology for learning.

These are all encouraging findings as we continue to increase the use of technology in our adult education and workforce development classrooms.

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