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Supporting Research-Based Personalization for Reading Success

July 10, 2017 | By

The third installment in Digital Promise Global’s Making Learning Personal For All series, “Supporting Research-Based Personalization for Reading Success,” provides an overview of the learning science research behind learning to read.

To meet the growth in learner diversity in today’s classroom, a new paradigm for improving the precision and accuracy of “personalization” is critical to address the needs of students who are held back by traditional pathways designed for the mythical “average.” In response to this challenge, Digital Promise Global has embarked on a multi-year initiative, the Learner Variability Project (LVP). The culmination of two years of systematic literature review and framework development, the LVP web app is a free, open-source digital resource presenting the research behind the Learner Factors (“Factors”) that most impact learner variability.

Reading is a foundational skill for all learning and therefore is the focus of the first LVP research project. As a supplement to the research summaries presented on the LVP website, this report details each area of LVP’s K-3 Reading research and provides links to full annotated bibliographies for each Factor. Through this synthesis of the current research, the LVP team hopes to help edtech developers and curriculum designers gain an even more complete picture of how each individual student learns essential reading skills.

Get your copy of the report here. To dive even deeper, explore the annotated bibliographies for each individual Factor.

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