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A More Interoperable Future

November 17, 2017 | By

Twenty-three leaders from 17 League of Innovative Schools districts attended the Ed-Fi Summit in Austin, TX, in early October to share and gain insight on advancing their work in achieving data interoperability. From large districts including San Francisco Unified School District and Baltimore County Public Schools, to smaller districts including Lindsay Unified School District and Stephenville Independent School District, League leaders came to deepen their understanding of data interoperability and evaluate implementation options for their schools.

Most district leader attendees agreed on the importance of private, secure, and integrated data systems in alleviating administrative burdens of teachers and staff. To demonstrate and showcase best practices toward this, district leaders across the country who have started the process of adopting data standards shared actual examples from their districts on the work required to streamline their data systems. Additionally, conference attendees discussed the need to adopt data standards to help teachers and district leaders make real-time decisions to best support student achievement. Alongside technical experts, vendors, and peers, the district leaders explored tangible next steps toward implementation.

Shelby Womack, Executive Director of Technology & Digital Learning from Stephenville Independent School District, stated, “Our goal is to no longer partner with companies who build their own in-house data processes because it’s convenient [for themselves]. If our data is not able to flow seamlessly and securely between disparate systems, we will never reach our goal of leveraging student data to create opportunities for personalized learning.”

League members are welcome to join and contribute their own feedback to the Ed-Fi community. Ed-Fi is regarded for its data standard, as well as for its committed network of educators, technologists, and leaders who continuously contribute to improving the growing data standard. With the help of district CTOs deeply engaging in this work and partnership opportunities like the Ed-Fi Summit, the League hopes to further understand and galvanize districts toward building a more interoperable future.

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