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Support for Early Readers: Personalizing with Purpose

March 19, 2018 | By

Every day across the nation, students walk into schools with backpacks full of diverse experiences that impact how they behave and learn. At the same time, advancements in learning sciences paint a more dynamic and optimistic picture of human development than has ever existed before. If personalized learning could be built on a foundation of research and whole child development, could we accelerate the impact of emerging science on teacher practice and student outcomes for all learners?

We think so. We want to help educators be able to personalize with purpose.

This was the focus of the recent Share My Lesson Virtual Conference session we presented with our partner Wisewire. In our session, Learner Variability in Reading Comprehension, we explored ways learners vary and instructional strategies and resources that can help educators support the full diversity of early readers in their classroom.

Along with Wisewire, we are committed to providing research-based resources for educators as they seek to support all of their students. In our Learner Variability session, we shared many resources, including:

  • LVP’s free, open source web app designed to help educators and product developers more deeply understand learner variability and find strategies for supporting all learners.
  • Wiesewire’s low-cost (with some free) research-based playlists designed to support teachers with ready-to-use content to target the rigors of a specific common core standard.

You can learn more about these resources by viewing the recorded session (and earn an hour of PD credit!). If you wish to learn more about becoming a partner in our LVP work, please email us, and visit LVP for more research-based resources.

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