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Ask An Educator: Teachers Talk Motivation, Goals, and Micro-credentials

April 4, 2018 | By

At Digital Promise, we aim to tell compelling stories about how technology can support powerful learning. For micro-credentials, this means capturing the experiences of educators on the ground who are engaging with these competency-based tools to increase student engagement and drive improvement.

The Ask An Educator podcast captures these stories directly from the educators, exploring why they became teachers, what their professional goals are, and how micro-credentials helped them get there. Over eight episodes, season two of the podcast features interviews with educators from California to Florida who teach a variety of subject areas and grade levels. Listen as they share their deepest motivations, challenges, and “a-ha” moments during their professional learning journeys. We hope their stories paint a picture of what micro-credentials could mean for you or your educators.

In our first episode, which you can listen to below, Florida Virtual School educator Brian Koster discusses how micro-credentials helped him deepen his students’ perseverance. Follow Digital Promise on SoundCloud or iTunes to check out the rest of the episodes, and for updates on new content!

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