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Visit the New Digital Promise Micro-credential Platform

April 30, 2018 | By

Since 2014, Digital Promise has been building an innovative ecosystem of micro-credentials in partnership with educators, professional development organizations, states, and school districts. We are pleased to announce the latest development: Digital Promise has launched its own micro-credential platform.

On the platform, educators of all varieties – from K-12 classroom teachers to early education staff, instructional coaches to career and technical instructors – can access more than 300 competency-based micro-credentials that capture research-backed skills. These micro-credentials are developed, assessed, and awarded by more than 40 partner organizations with content expertise.

To apply for a micro-credential, an educator selects a micro-credential, collects the necessary evidence, and submits it via the platform. An assessor will then evaluate the submission against a rubric and determine whether the evidence indicates competence in that skill. The educator can share their earned micro-credential on social media, via email, and on other Open Badge-compliant platforms.

The Digital Promise micro-credential platform will allow us to continue to build the ecosystem while being responsive to the needs of our stakeholders. We will be able to conduct research on the use and impact of micro-credentials, build on the functionality of our platform based on user feedback, and continue to promote and support the ecosystem. Additionally, Digital Promise will continue to work with our other platform partners, such as the NEA and BloomBoard, to support the ecosystem as a whole.

Over the past four years, more and more states and districts have committed to shifting professional learning to a more personalized, competency-based model. This approach can lead to a deeper, more sustained, and more demonstrable learning journey. As we suggested in our paper “Continuing the educator micro-credential movement,” micro-credentials play a crucial role in that journey.

Digital Promise will continue to advocate for personalized learning for educators through micro-credentials. We look forward to engaging with you in our new platform as part of that work. Check it out today!

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