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Growing to 100 Schools in Year 5 of VILs

August 30, 2018 | By

The 2018-19 school year marks a significant milestone—the 5th anniversary of the Verizon Innovative Learning schools program. Our shared mission, to close the Digital Learning Gap, remains steadfast, as we continue to grow from our first eight schools to our network of 100.

Verizon’s commitment to build brighter futures for millions of kids has given us the amazing opportunity to work with innovative teachers and leaders across the country. Giving students devices and internet connectivity on and off school campus solves one of the major issues of creating equitable environments for all. Additionally, the VILs program ensures teachers are supported and trained by school coaches so they are confident and ready to leverage technology in powerful ways. This combination of access + professional learning is working—students are showing 2x improvement in reading and 3x improvement in math1.

I’m excited to welcome Cohort 5 into the VILs community:

  • Breakthrough Schools (Cleveland, OH)
  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (Charlotte, NC)
  • Dallas Independent School District (Dallas, TX)
  • Jefferson County Schools (Louisville, KY)
  • Los Angeles Unified School District (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Omaha Public Schools (Omaha, NE)
  • San Antonio Independent School District (San Antonio, TX)
  • Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools (Winston-Salem, NC)

The fall rollout begins a transformative journey for each participating school and the surrounding community. School coaches will lead teachers through professional learning that focuses on effectively leveraging technology to address our eight student outcome goals. These are ambitious but achievable goals, and we look forward to continuing to work across our VILs community on our shared mission of closing the Digital Learning Gap and preparing all students to thrive.

1Westat March 15, 2017 Research – Verizon Innovative Learning Schools: Results of the Analysis of Student Administrative Data From Cohort 1 Schools (based on two years of data for 6th grade Cohort 1 schools that provided complete data)
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